Skimmed Milk

Skim milk powder is obtained by removing water from pasteurized skim milk. It contains 5% or less moisture (by weight) and 1.5% or less milk fat (by weight). By removing moisture to the greatest extent possible, microbial growth is prevented. Skim Milk powder is classified for use as an ingredient according to the heat treatment used in its manufacture. There are three main classifications: high-heat (least soluble), medium-heat, and low-heat (most soluble). Skim milk powders are available in spray-dried form. Spray-dried skim milk powder is available in two forms: ordinary or non-agglomerated (non-instant) and agglomerated (instant).

Product Details

Higher temperatures and/or extended holding times contribute directly to whey protein denaturation. This index is used as a measure of the cumulative heat effects during processing of skim milk powder.

Shelf Life:
12 months under optimal storage conditions.

20 or 25kg bags Kraft paper multi-wall with inner polyethylene liner.

Shipment: (25 MT/1000 sacks in 40′)(16 MT/640 sacks in 20′)