Canola Meal

Canola Meal is a brown, free-flowing meal obtained from the extraction and grinding of canola seeds. It is an ideal feed for farmers looking to boost protein levels in their herd’s diet and can be fed as a blend in troughs or via in-shed feeding systems.

Product Details

Dry Matter 89%
Protein 38%
Energy (ME) 11.5 MJ/kg DM
Crude Fibre 9%
NDF 27%
ADF 18%

Feeding recommendations


Feeding requirements will differ depending on your herd’s diet. It is recommended you feed 0.5kg – 2kg/cow/day as part of a blended ration to increase protein feed levels.


 Store in a dry area, away from bird and rodent infestation.

Corn/Maize Bran can be delivered as bulk cargo or in 50-kg bags.