Agro Sumy COVID-19 Customer Update

Agro Sumy Facility Reopen Plan

I’m pleased to share with you that we have set a target date of August 17 to reopen our facility offices to the public by appointment only. Our decision is the result of considerable planning, and ensuring that we have the proper protocols in place to operate responsibly, safely, and efficiently. This date is tentative, and is subject to change as we continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation.

Going forward, please call ahead to make an appointment with your Customer Account Representative. This will help minimize traffic at our facility offices, for the safety of our employees and our customers.

When you visit our facilities, you will notice that we’ve implemented several new measures such as:

  • COVID-19 screening signage for symptoms displayed at all entrances.
  • Sign in sheets for all visitors entering our offices. Please note that these will be retained for a period of 28 days to support contact tracing as needed.  
  • Maximum visitor numbers for our facility offices, based on size of each office.
  • Our office staff will be required to wear masks during their appointments with customers. 
  • In turn, we are also asking our customers to wear masks when visiting our facility offices. You have the option of bringing a mask with you, or having one supplied to you when you arrive at one of our offices for your appointment.
  • When you arrive for an appointment, you will be required to call the facility office and a staff member will let you in.

These protocols have been developed based on the guidance of local government and health authorities, while taking into account the unique needs of our business and our customers. We ask that you follow these protocols at all times, and if you need additional information, please contact your local facility. Going forward, we will continue to monitor the situation and make any adjustments to our processes as needed. Your safety and the safety of our employees will always remain our most important priority.

Despite these changes, our focus remains the same. We are firmly committed to providing you with the best possible service across our asset network. And while our offices will be reopening soon, please keep in mind that our staff can continue to assist you via phone or through email. Whether it is contracting grain, arranging delivery or setting up Viterra Direct Deposit and unload alerts on myViterra, we are here to help.  

Together, we are a vital part of the global food supply chain and our end users rely on us for essential food ingredients. We are proud to partner with you in marketing and moving your crops to areas of need around the world.

On behalf of everyone at Viterra, we sincerely appreciate your support. We wish you a great harvest season, and look forward to continuing to work closely with you.


Viktor Andrusenko

Agro Sumy
President & CEO